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Fastener Retention Devices from Forest City
January 03, 2014

Retaining fasteners in a joint or a mating component until final assembly can provide significant cost savings to the OEM’s by eliminating manufacturing steps, improving efficiency, and reducing inventory. Forest City Technologies offers several widely utilized, proprietary solutions for fastener retention.

Axi-Rad® Retention Device
Axi-Rad is a patented thermoplastic retention device that is assembled to a bolt and, when mated with the assembly component or casting, will retain the threaded bolt in place until final assembly. Utilized in more than 20 countries on 5 continents around the world, Axi-Rad comes in standard and special sizes, and can be purchased in bulk or assembled to your fastener.

For more detailed information on Axi-Rad, click here.

For Axi-Rad quotes and inquiries, please contact:
Jeni Dubena
Product Administrator
440.647.6885 (p)
440.647.6889 (f)

Tech-Tite Retention
Tech-Tite is an annular retention ring applied directly to your fastener. This flexible ring comes in a range of durometers and is bonded directly to the outer diameter of a bolt or the inner diameter of a washer, retaining the fastener to a bracket, stamping or mating component until final assembly. This technology, pioneered by Forest City, is utilized by major automotive and transportation OEM’s around the world.

For quotes and inquiries regarding Tech-Tite, please contact:
Justin Lemke
Product Administrator
440.647.6908 (p) 4
40.647.5751 (f)